/AF/Word/5553.html_image001.jpgIntroducing SMS''s Revolutionary SEA
The SEA developed by SMS is a second generation Inverse Gas Chromatograph instrument. The revolutionary SEA is the world''s only commercial instrument based on the ICG principle. The unique SMS injection scheme provides a wide range of injection concentrations with unrivalled accuracy and reproducibility.
 Instrument features include:
               Unrivalled Accuracy and Repeatability
               Fully Automated Operation
               User Friendly Wizard Based Software
               Comprehensive Data Analysis Software
               Up to 12 Different Probe Gas Molecules
               Optional Humidity Control
               In-Situ Sample Preconditioning
               Wide Temperature Range
               Column Packing Accessory
Standard methods for surface energy, heat of sorption, phase transition, sorption isotherms and surface energy heterogeneity mapping.
The Surface Energy Analyzer (SEA) is a new second generation Inverse Gas Chromatography instrument. The SEA is an advanced instrumentation for the characterisation of particulates, fibres and thin-films. It opens up a whole new world of sorption solutions. These are some of the facilities that the Surface energy Analyzer provides:
              Surface Energetics
              Surface Energy Heterogeneity Mapping
              Unrivalled Accuracy
              Heats of Sorption
              Fully Automated
              Sorption Isotherms
              Humidity Control
              Phase Transitions
              Sample Preconditioning
              Diffusion Kinetics
              Wide Temperature Range